Anonymous asked;
Pastelle, could you please do a lot of us a favor and stop bringing attention towards yourself in the terag? I'm not asking this with like.. any hostility towards you, I don't think you're a bad person- you're just doing more damage than you're doing good without realizing. Please just start over with a new alias on tera. Rename, whatever.. Also, don't reply to this because I don't want you having to post this on your blog either. I just really want all this girl drama to stop. Please?

Well I’m sorry but I’m going to reply to this. I am playing Tera again under a different alias, and I will never let anyone know it’s me, so don’t worry. Also, what girl drama? Maybe I am retarded or it’s because I haven’t been in the Tera general for a very long time, but I revealed it was me asking what non 4chan guilds are like, and if anything else happened outside of that, I have no idea. I did see something about some girl posting her nudes though or something? I have no idea.

Either way I doubt anyone checks my Tumblr and if they did they wouldn’t know they were playing with me anyway. So no worries, but thanks for your concern.

I apologize for revealing it was me asking that question, and when I said I was sad I couldn’t play my priest anymore. But I do really miss playing my priest though, she was pretty cute. I don’t care what anyone says she is still the cutest ram Elin to me~

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